Virtual Office

This combined and targeted secretarial service that will help your company to effectively manage the flow of information. Virtual Office also helps provide a solid company, a prestigious and successful way.

Virtual Office gives the company considerable savings due to the lack of rental costs and labor.

Business address

Your company may have a business address in Helsinki.

The address registered in the register data, as well as marketing materials creates favorable opinion about your company. Business service address includes the same notification of receipt and mail forwarding.

Phone calls

We can receive calls in a company with a unique phone number, and provides services at a specified scenario. Just possibly redirect calls to another number, receiving messages and send them by e-mail, transfer previously agreed text or commercial information, as well as the reception of orders.

Letters and parcels

We will accept letters and parcels arriving at the address of the company, based on the agreed upon with the client instructions.

It is possible forwarding private messages, scan messages and send them electronically to the e-mail, sending written replies to the company letterhead or leaving messages on demand.


We can accept the office of your visitors. For example, the received message or package with the subsequent transfer, as well as for ordering and transmission of information.


The ability to forward messages to another email client, or over the phone. Taking orders and making arrangements for the responses.

Meeting Rooms

Virtual Office address are meeting rooms that can be used for meetings with visitors or customers.

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